EURO-MILL Sp. Z o.o. /in English: Ltd./ Company belongs to „Kingsbury Jig & Tool Group Limited” Consortium,  which is the leader in the British market in producing the large-size steel constructions to 18 tons. The consortium unites the eight productive firms and seven of them are situated in the Great Britain. EURO-MILL Sp. z o.o. Company has existed in the Polish market since 2001 year. Its seat is situated in Nowa Wieś Legnicka, near Legnica.
We are young and vitally acting enterprise, which employs about 35 workers, with wide knowledge, supported by experience, in the fields of building, welding and mechanical treatment of constructions.  All of our welders have the welding certificates according to the EN 287-1 standards. Everyone interested is invited to cooperate  with the company Euro-Mill Sp. z o.o., we will be pleased if you jump at our offer.

Your Sincerely
Tomasz Surmiak

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